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We are located at the base of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains near Crestone Colorado, elevation 8100 feet.

Which Ormus recipe is right for you?

All of our Ormus products have subtle energetic differences..

Milk and Honey

Is the oldest of all Ormus as it comes from the Dead Sea and it primarily works on the pineal gland, the third eye, due to all of the gold ORME's it contains. At Blue Water Alchemy we make this Ormus from premium Dead Sea Salt. We believe this was the Ormus of the Essenes, the Ormus of creativity and spirit.

White Light

Is the Ormus I used to empower my mental, emotional and physical self, transitioning from dis-ease to wellness. It is named White Light because of my first personal experience with Ormus when it called out to me in my visions and dreams. It appeared above me as a liquid of White Light as I stood in a great void entering my body as I opened my mouth to it. The Dead Sea is blended with Celtic and a proprietary blend of salts to make the White Light. It is a very balanced Ormus with a wonderful high powerful energy.


Is a very powerful Ormus made from the Himalayan and
a proprietary blend of salts where it is believed the energies of the earth moves back and forth. During the development of this blend both the Red Eye and Blue Eye were appearing in the etheric field thus it's name.


Is a very balanced Ormus as energetically both salts reside in the hot zones of the earth's Merkaba. Hawaiian Alea salt is 19.5 north an
d a proprietary blend of salts consisting of a salt from 19.5 south. Traditional Hawaiians use Alea salt in ceremonies to cleanse and bless tools and canoes as well in spiritual healing rituals.


Is preferred by many spiritual teachers and practitioners as it is a very clearing Ormus. The powerful Kala Namak salt comes from India and Pakistan, this salt is over 650 million years old. It was created during the great upheaval of the earth during Precambrian era when there was one continent. This wonderful salt deposit was discovered by Alexander the Greats horses and is the perfect Ormus for clearing. This is combined with a
proprietary blend of salts to create Shanti.


All of our Ormus precipitate is desalinated by osmosis, three to five times during the finishing process. Blue Water Alchemy uses well water from the Sangre De Cristo Mountains at 8000 feet. This water runs through a device called a OWR that creates a torsion wave restructuring the water taking it to a higher potential, the Ormus loves it. The OWR is manufactured by World Living Water Systems Ltd. found at
This water is captured from the second and third steps of the process and is loaded with Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements which gives the Fountain a viscous oily texture.

The Fountain Ormus water is clear and salty, but also very potent, and must be diluted at a ratio of about 16:1 with water (a tablespoon to an eight ounce glass of water). This oily water sits on top of the Ormus precipitate and the washings by osmosis are to lower sodium content and wash the precipitate. Adjust the dilution to taste as each batch varies slightly.

Do not consume the Fountain if you have health issues or sensitivities with salt.

Which Ormus for your plants and garden?

Gaia's Harvest I

Two important basics come together to create Gaia’s Harvest. This mixture of Organic Southern Ocean proprietary blend of salts plus the potent Dead Sea Salt is intended primarily for plants.
An 8 oz bottle provides you with 16 gallons of Ormus water at the use rate of 1 tablespoon per gallon as the 32 ounce bottle will provide 64 gallons of Ormus water. If in an intensive grow operation, use two to three times per crop. Once at the beginning of the vegetative state, then just as flowering stage begins and then again about half-way through the fruiting season. The monatomics focus the plant’s ability resulting in more vegetation, bigger fruit and greater resistance to environmental stress. See just how abundant and healthy your harvest can be with the addition of Ormus to your growing arsenal!

Gaia's Harvest II

This Ormus is a mixture of mineral rich organic salts sourced from the Dead Sea, the Himalayas, plus a proprietary blend of salts gathered downstream from many underwater North Atlantic volcanoes. Including salts sourced from the Southern Pacific Ocean originating at a deep water upwelling. Finally, two more volcanic enriched salts finish this potent blend.
This particular Ormus is intended to be used as a finishing Ormus for the final bloom, flowering and fruiting phase of your chosen crop. This Ormus works exceedingly well in hydroponic situations when used at the rate of one ounce per five gallons of reservoir capacity.

What is Ormus from Blue Water Alchemy?

Ormus is created from pure organic sea salts. As Ormus is created through an ancient alchemical process, elements, in their high-spin, quantum or m-state, are manifest. These m-state elements in Ormus are trans-dimensional in nature and behavior. They subtly, yet directly, connect a person to the Quantum Field.

Some people can feel the connection, others cannot. Regardless of whether or not its effects are felt consciously, it is happening. As that connection develops an information channel is opened to the Blessed Field, the Field of Blessing or The Field.

These Ormus m-state elements are from the mineral kingdom designed to ground and connect to the Earth and to spirit establishing the conditions for balance, harmony and well being.

Ormus becomes your trans-dimensional connection to spiritual wellness and wholeness.

Ormus is the event horizon opening the quantum connection, to your light body.

Ormus is ancient alchemy and yet it's new, every time.

Use Ormus to awaken your garden with Gaia’s Harvest, opening the Ch'i or ether vastly increasing crop yield, vibrancy, hardiness and the life of your personal Eden.


How does the Ormus work?

Ormus connects you to what in ancient times was called the Blessed Field or the Field of Blessing. What in present times is referred to as the Meissner Effect or The Field. Although known by only a few, the presence of Ormus in our energetic being carries more vibrancy and a stronger greater communication with the quantum field of energy. Imagine experiencing fantastic insights and enjoying that greater wisdom. Connect!

Ormus is able to connect the human presence with its trans-dimensional high-spin state cooper-pairing. Ormus empowers one to become an awake, aware, and compassionate individual.

Become your own centered observer of this creation, in the present, future and the past, now.

Be present and be that awake unattached observer.

Ormus monatomic elements behave as a spiritual conduit, drawing in and focusing the Ch'i, then working to establish conditions for balance, harmony and well-being to just BE.


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