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Blue Water Alchemy is nestled at the base of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains
near Crestone Colorado at 8100 feet.

Don Gifford

Creation of Blue Water Alchemy

Early in the year 2003 Don began having a recurring dream of "…standing nude in a void while a white liquid was profusely pouring into his mouth from above." Not knowing what he was dreaming of. August 2003 he contracted a mosquito virus penned the "Mystery Virus" and became very ill and bed ridden for seven months.

After his second near death experience Don heard Barry Carter the global librarian of the Ormus movement speaking on Coast to Coast AM.

Barry's website is

Don discovered that this white liquid is called Ormus. As the first glass of Ormus touched his lower lip he instantly experienced a spherical vision. The Ormus had called out to him and spoke to him. It had awakened him to his past but also his future thus began his journey of personal transformation that still occurs.

As Don began to understand the importance of monatomics and the Ormus to a person's well being, he took it upon himself to learn how to make Ormus. He learned how to make the Ormus from Barry Carter when he attended a seminar above Morrison Colorado.

It was after this that he began to share the "white liquid from heaven" with friends and family for several years.

From the moment he held and tasted the Ormus Don knew that one day he would help take this beautiful liquid to a larger arena. But he was waiting for his vision to unfold... Once this happened, Blue Water Alchemy was born. This is the time to bring this ancient sacrament, this white liquid that we now know as Ormus to a wider audience.

When the Spirit begins to communicate with Ormus, amazing things can happen!

It's time has come.


At Blue Water Alchemy we expose our Ormus to the Sacred Geometry of the Star Octahedron Merkaba and the sacred Solfeggio tones played from a Rodin Coil.

The Star Octahedron Merkaba

The Rodin Coil

The Rodin Coil which hangs in the center of the Merkaba emanates the Solfeggio tones on a constant loop playing every 29 minutes. These tones were developed by author GW Hardin for Blue Water Alchemy. Find more of his research and works at

On the S
afety of Salts from the Oceans

The process of harvesting salt requires years. Most often there is a two to three year lag from the time the ocean water is drawn into the salt beds before it is then harvested and off to market. Blue Water Alchemy has been aware that environmental degradation "events" would become more frequent as time passes so we have been stockpiling salt since 2009.

We also have a preference for salts from the southern hemisphere. Our Pacific salt is a New Zealand salt, the Atlantic salts may only come from Brazil in the near future, though the Celtic salt from France may not be impacted by the Gulf spill for two years yet... So, we've got a fairly deep stock on that one as well.

Mined (Bolivian, Indian Kala Namak Black Salts and Himalayan) salts are clean and only global transportation issues will impede us from sourcing those in the future.

The Dead Sea salts from Israel are the key to many of our blends~we consider the Dead Sea Salt the mother of all of our salts. As this was the salt used by the ancients, the Israelite's , the Egyptian's, King Solomon and the Essenes.

The salts we use are clean, and the moment we can't be assured that they are, our recipes will change to reflect that new reality.


Ormus ~ Connect and Be the Vibration