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Hi My name is Merle, I ordered an 8oz bottle of your Milk and Honey ORMUS and received it this last Saturday. I love it so much that I just ordered a 32 oz. bottle today. It is a very potent formula. I received a blessed good feeling that lasted the whole day from it. I also use the powders that are from the asteroid collision on Lady Nellies land near Mount Shasta CA. These are powerful also, but the Milk and Honey is just as powerful. I’ve been using ORMUS now for 6 months with many inner changes for the better.

Thanks for your product. It is AAA in quality from my experience !


Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii, Kurt and Jeanne,
We have several times ordered your milk and honey product. It was simply great. Numerous various aches and pains disappeared, plus enhanced sensitivities were experienced.
A week ago we ordered your eye formula. We were amazed at the youthful experience we have enjoyed after taking it. We are experienced with Ormus, as we make it ourselves. Your products are the most high quality, and we are grateful for having learned about you.

Many thanks again,
Kurt and Jeanne

Big Island of Hawaii


Dear Blue Water Alchemy,
I wanted to thank you for your wonderful product and service. I have been trying many types of ORMUS solutions from many different producers and yours has by far been the best experience in all aspects. Your ORMUS, especially The Eye and White Light blends were very useful in effecting the changes I have been seeking in my mood, outlook, well being and general quality of life. Being a customer of yours has also been a very easy, convenient and informative process from the email confirmation you send complete with tracking information to the careful packaging of your ORMUS for shipping. Other sources have fell short either in communication or packing and shipping the items. After trying many sources, I am returning to you as a permanent customer having found both your ORMUS and your organization to be the absolute BEST options available. The value is terrific for the quality and peace of mind I gain from ordering with you. Thank you, again.

Arthur A, Arizona

Hello, I am writing today about the Milk and Honey Ormus. I have been taking it for a while and noticed an increased sense of clarity regarding all facets of my life. Being clear is a necessity in my line of work as a professional intuitive. I am able to tune in quicker, deeper, and more accurately with the clarity this manna brings. I could not be happier with the overall sense of well-being it gives me as well. I definitely notice when I miss a day. Blue Water Alchemy's Milk and Honey Ormus is like a secret all intuitive people should know and most certainly try. Even people seeking to develop their intuitive gifts can find the Milk and Honey Ormus quite beneficial. I love how the feeling is subtle but you always realize the vibrational change with an increasing sense of clarity throughout the day or night. When taken before bed you can unlock all that has been allusive within. Thank you so much for making an amazing product and I will try the 19.5 next. I can not wait to feel the shift.

Thanks so much ~ Jamie, Texas ~ Love N Light !

OMG!! Within minutes of my first taste of White Light I felt my heart chakra opening and my field extending and a great joy and love wash over me. I became aware of being joyously, fully Present! WOW. '

Thank you for a great product!!!!
Julia S.


Thank you for your call & all you have done for me. It is not unappreciated and has been paid forward. I will add that the White Light is wonderful in unlocking my writing skills and giving me a need to feel productive. Thank you! The Milk & Honey seems to just plain go to work on the beast within and getting it flushed out – I used 1/2 of recommended dosage of Milk & Honey with good results, perhaps my size -110 lbs. had something to do with that. I am torn as to which to order next. And I will continue to recommend. I was a rarity in the field of sales – honest. It got me into a lot of trouble and I will never regret making that choice so you can rest assured that what I post is true.Words cannot possibly express my gratitude for what you have done for me.Thank you once again.

With highest regards,


Thank you & bless you! I have found best delivery method to be with distilled water. I use 2 tsp. daily with great results and no side effects.

My very best to you-
Jenna Minnesota

~~~~~~~~ Salubrious Salutations Gentlemen of Blue Water Alchemy, Thank you very much for the gorgeous Ormus that you produce!

Cordially & in Magnificence,


Excellence!, all this is… Yes, I do notice quite a difference. Right-off-the-bat, I can say that this batch, in a certain sense, is smoother, subtler, of a lighter-refinement; and perhaps, a higher, i.e., faster frequency. That is, to further clarify, this batch is of a different echelon of elegance in certain respects: and, of course, the previous batch was absolutely astounding! Really, Scott, what we are doing here is perceiving a quite delicate distinction between 2 universal-class Ormus-”wines”, if-you-will. Surely, one will give further ‘spontaneous and unrestricted attention’ to your inquiry and will get back with more information: we’ll see how one’s initial perception stands-up to the test.

In the Beauty of Clarity!


Hello, Let me begin by saying thank you so very much for an outstanding product!!!! I’ve tried ORMUS produced by others and clearly your product is superior in every way, it even tastes good..WOW!!!!
I took a nap after my second dose in two days and had the most intensely lucid dreamstate in my life. It was more real than real life, if you can imagine that. I was even able to remember almost of all of the dream. The dream, for the most part, consisted of mundane social interactions with people whom I don’t know. They seem to know me and interacted with as though I was a friend. I observed two men engaged in a manual labor task and they appeared to be totally unaware of my presence despite being, in my estimation, a foot or two away from them and their equipment. I remember riding in an elevator that was barely big enough for one person and it was mounted on rails and it pivoted following the irregular curvature of the building while remaining perfectly horizontally the whole time. I rode out of the elevator on a bicycle which I did not not have while in the elevator. It appeared to be an office building or school building setting and the people present didn’t pay particular attention to me. It was so lucid and real, kinda like a living dream, if that make any sense to you. Upon waking I was overcome with a feeling of being lightheaded and a strange sense of aloofness and detachment. I also had a sense of being engulfed in what I can only describe as some sort of energy field that felt separate yet attached to the core of my being. Also, there’s an inner tranquility and sense of peace surrounding me. Forgive me if I seem to be rambling but I’ve never experienced such a profound ORMUS hangover……. 8-). Please don’t misinterpret that last statement. At no time did I become afraid or felt out of control……..in fact, it was the sublime ORMUS experience ever!!!! I luv this stuff!!!! My lightheadedness passed in about 20 minutes or so but the engulfing field persisted and it felt absolutely wonderful!!!! I’m still in it as I pen this email to you and it’s been nearly two hours since my nap. This may seem really nuts but the the smell in the room seems to have changed and become lighter and kinda sweet and crisp. I’ve never heard of this phenomena associated with ORMUS. Maybe it’s just my imagination but it sure does seem real to me. I’ve already tossed my other ORMUS product since I’m thoroughly convinced no one is producing ORMUS akin to yours. I’ll be ordering more 19.5 ORMUS as soon as my budget permits. I know you receive a multitude of emails so I’ll try to keep my emails shorter in the future. Also, feel free to share my experience/comments on your website/blog or in any other way as you may choose. Thank you very, very much,

Many Blessings
Paul C. – New York, New York.

~~~~~~~~ YES! I’ve won the Ormus Lottery; you, are Fab-u-lous! :-) (!) This is very sweet, indeed; thank you very, very much for your kindness, it’s certainly beautiful. Well, I will be quite blissfully requesting that bottle soon, then! Surely, this mixture is my very favorite thus far; the ‘earth-quality’ is unparalleled–and, truly, Scott, the timing of all this is pure magic. It’s easy to be well in this stream of amazement; a real grandiosity.

Thank you!

~~~~~~~~ Salutations, Sir Scott; One is please, gratefully requesting that special bottle from the most lovely “ormus-cellar”. And, to add to one’s previous description of this particular mixture: indeed, one’s initial description is accurate — further still, then; this mixture, perhaps due to the presence of the Kala Namak, penetrates the lower cakras (as well as the middle fourth, and upper three), this is most obvious – and, to be even more specific, one’s initial hypothesis (to be tested) is that the lower-cakric-focus is on the Root-Muladhara and Third-Manipura cakras, i.e., the impact on Second-Svadistanha is not readily evident at this point; however, that said, if Muladhara cakra is actively cleansed, then Svadistanha will also, etc., etc. – that is to say, this mixture penetrates lower than the White Light, the Eye, and the 19.5.

Appreciatively in Wonderment,


“19.5 ORMUS is a life transformative experience.”

Rabbi Alan Green


Joao, I trust that by now you’ve received a little bottle of Ormus from us. This is the Ormus from the Kala Namak, Himalayan, Celtic and Dead Sea Salts from which the better part of a third of the Ormus “Wine” you’re enjoying now originates. I believe that we will call this particular Ormus blend “Shanti.” I’m just writing to thank you for all your feedback over these past months.

Grinning all day,


Salutations Dr. ‘Grinning All Day‘ Scott, YES!, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. – please do accept one’s apologies for the brief delay in sweet gratitude; I’ve been investigating with the “Shanti”, getting a sense of the fine “wine” that “she” is… and surely, “she” is truly beautiful – and, the timing of your sending me this dazzling gift is so perfect that one must term all-of-this miraculous. Yes, that is to say, I was waiting to write until I have some solid feedback put together (also, I’ve been very busy here, having facilitated the move-in of 500 students on Friday!, it’s been a wild ride) – right now, I can certainly say that this, particular Ormus-Wine is instantly grounding, instant rooting. I will surely share more… Again, thank you so very much, Scott. I am quite honored to provide you with feedback. Also, when I order “The Fountain”, I graciously request, whenever possible, that you might please send any delightful mixtures that In Beauty,

In Glorious Radiance, With Love,


Hello- I been taking the White Light for several days now. I am very impressed w/ the effects and am on a personal ascension path as well, and the associated effects of ORMUS are welcome!


~~~~~~~~ My name is Matt and my age is 42 and I started taking “White Light” ORMUS, which began to change the quality of my life. I have increased energy, which has allowed me to become more active, very important to me as a former bodybuilder. My mental clarity as a result of ORMUS has made me determined to live my life as normal as possible, as a result of this product I’m back to lifting weights and 30 minutes of cardio 4 times a week. . Plus, my libido has increased!

Special thanks to the founders of this product the quality of my life depends on it.
Matt M. - Arvada, Colorado


My name is Holly. Since taking “White Light ” Ormus my life has changed. I feel an overall well being inside myself. I’ve never felt more centered in my life: since I’ve been taking Ormus, other bad habits seem to disappear. And, there is not a lot of discomfort in letting go of things that are less than good for you. I would recommend this to everyone, its’ made me more content, happy and, overall, it is a productive means and can make a difference in ways that you are not able to conceive.

Holly A. – Boise, Idaho.


Hi! I just today received your Milk&honey Ormus but i noticed there wasn’t any water at the top of it like I’ve seen on your Ormus on the website,just wondering is there any reason for that ? for the first tries i received at morning,then took few tea spoons and was tired for waking up early and I went to bed and had quite the dreams. Tuomas

Tuomas, The precipitate will settle out, compact if you will, in the bottle if it is left undisturbed for a day or more. The Milk and Honey is only Dead Sea Salts, and with that salt we get generous amounts of precipitate. So, you can just add a bit less to the glass of water you are taking it with.
Enjoy those dreams!


Scott and Don Hi, I ordered two of your Ormus products a couple of days ago but thought I’d like a little more information. I first learned about Ormus around 2003/4 from Nexus magazine. As I’m an organic farmer ( in fact I was one of the ones that got Whistler’s Farmers market started in 1998) I see so many possibilities for it’s use here on the farm I live in a high energy nearly pristine area and have a retreat center here as well. I had to change the seeds I was using in the beginning because the people at market just didn’t want my 71/2 # broccoli, 8# cauliflower and 22# cabbages and 7# romaine lettuce! I quit the market in 2003 because I really need to have a life again, 16 hr days are a drag! In 2009 I re broke 3/4 acre and started again….back to 8# cauliflowers and 7 1/2 # broccoli! NO complaints as I sell to a market that cuts them and sells them! I do a lot of energy work in my garden and work with the nature spirits along with all the goat, alpaca, llama and sheep manure and of course wonderful spring water. My animals are very important to me and I use alternative medicine when there’s a problem as I’ve taken in lots of rescue animals. OK, after all this rambling I’ll get to the point…finally, you say…I’m wanting to use the Ormus liquid (the garden one) to put in the water of my chickens. I still do buy meat birds which always have leg problems but when I put fish oil in their water I manage to illuminate most of the problems…I want to illuminate ALL the problems so I’ll experiment with the Ormus! What do you think? Have you had any feedback from people like me giving it to farm animals and birds? When I saw the photos of the tetrahedron that you use on the Ormus it made perfect sense to me. I’ve recently been watching Nassim Haramein (who also hung out in Whistler) so when I saw what you used I was very impressed. I’m very lucky that I can see auras sometimes and etheric fields all the time and I must say that I’ve never actually bought Ormus before because I’ve never seen one that I REALLY wanted to use. Yes, they’re mostly OK but OK just isn’t what I want…I want DIVINE and yours is DIVINE! If you ever DO get to this area, please feel free to come and visit or stay a night!



Dear Blue Water Friends, I am excited about your product and look forward to making it a regular part of my routine. I used to take something similar, whipped up on a home-made basis by a local friend, using Himalayan sea salt exclusively, with good results. I haven’t taken it for a while (my friend did a kind of disappearing act) and find that I am really missing just now. Because of my Jewish background and involvement, your exclusively Dead Sea formula seemed to be the right choice for me. However, I doubt that one could go wrong with any one of them! I’ll let you know how it goes for me.

All best wishes,
Rabbi Alan

First of all……..WHOA!!! You are amazing, do not stop making’ this stuff!
Thanks again.
Karen Kelly – Providence, Utah


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