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"Grow the Love"

There is a difference between the star tetrahedron Merkaba and the geometry of the star octahedron Merkaba which you see below. The star tetrahedron has served us well for countless lifetimes and will continue to serve those that continue on in this current dimensional expression. However, as consciousness is prepared to take a leap forward, it will need a new foundational geometry from which to express, that new geometry is the star octahedron Merkaba, courtesy of Gary Hardin. It is the shape of things to come, the shape of our new light-body. So, we felt it prudent to expose the Ormus to this new base energy rather than that of the current but expiring Star Tetrahedron. It is best to be looking forward to these higher energies.

Merkaba - Poly-Octahedron with Rodin Coil - Just look at all those energy Orbs!

Star Octahedron Merkaba with Rodin Coil
Just look at all those energy Orbs!

Our Rodin Coil - Gold and Silver Wrapped

A video, in four parts, of Gary Hardin discussing Ormus, sacred geometry, specifically the star octahedron and how it will become the new Merkaba replacing the current star tetrahedron. The role of micro-tubules and monatomics found in Ormus.
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