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Directions for the use of Ormus from Blue Water Alchemy

Shake the bottle well to completely remix the Ormus before taking.

Individuals with sensitivities, rash or hive issues should proceed with dosage on the lower end such as 1/4 teaspoon to not initiate a herxheimer (detox) crisis. We have found in this case less is more.

Individuals with zero issues can start at 1/4 teaspoon to 1/2 teaspoon up to 1 teaspoon daily taken in an eight ounce glass of water. For those that are working though an illness should introduce the Ormus to their system slowly. Healthy individuals can work quickly up to a teaspoon to an ounce in a glass of water daily. Earlier in the day (morning) is better.

One can also use one ounce 30ml in a gallon/4L of distilled water, then consume at eight ounces of that water, during the course of the day. Try to keep the bottle of Ormus stored in the included grey EMF protective bag. Refrigeration is not required but is recommended.

The eOrmus Water must be diluted at a ratio of 48:1 (a teaspoon in an eight ounce glass of water). is recommended. Each batch is different, so mixing ratios will vary slightly between orders.

Please protect the ORMUS from electromagnetic fields, microwaves, fluorescent lights so as to maintain its integrity. If not refrigerated, a quiet cupboard or closet away from appliances and light is where the ORMUS is happiest. Keep and store the ORMUS in the provided EMF protective bag.

Does everyone feel the Ormus? Per our experience of over twelve years with Ormus, we have found that about 25 percent do not feel the Ormus even though it is working.

Gaia's Harvest I Ormus Concentrate , Gaia’s Harvest II Ormus Concentrate and Gaia's Ormus Water Concentrate.

The concentrated product must be diluted to no more than 1% strength before application. Normal or slightly increased application rates of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus are recommended for crops that have received an Ormus treatment. Ormus is sensitive to ultraviolet light. Avoid setting the product in direct sunlight or next to electrical devices, which may reduce its potency.

Safely handle Gaia's Harvest I Ormus, Gaia's Harvest II Ormus and Gaia's Ormus Water. As you would any agricultural fertilizer. Application together with herbicides is prohibited. Application of diluted Ormus to moist soil followed by irrigation gives the best results. The product should not be applied to dry soil unless heavily diluted. Dilution: Always dilute the Ormus with water prior to use. Use at a concentration at or less than 1% strength. One gallon of Ormus added to 128 gallons of water equals a 1% solution. Two tablespoons (one ounce) per gallon equals a ~0.9% solution… There is latitude either side of this value. Three-tablespoons/1.5 ounces/gallon on the high side and one teaspoon/gallon on the low end work in nearly all situations. Foliar Spray: Gaia's Harvest I and II Ormus diluted to a 1% solution, One ounce/gallon of water, can be used as a foliar spray. A minimum of 3 applications per season applied at four week intervals are recommended.

Ormus used at this rate works well to suppress both powdery and downy mildews.

Seed Soaking: In One Quart or Liter of water use two teaspoons of Ormus. Garden Produce: Apply 1 to 2.5 gallons of Ormus concentrate per acre.

Trees and Orchards: Medium size trees (size 3-6 feet): use 3 Oz Ormus per tree not to exceed 5 gallons per acre. Large trees (size 6-12+ feet): use 5 Oz Ormus per tree not to exceed 6 gallons per acre.

Field and Row Crops: Apply 1 to 2 gallons of Ormus concentrate per acre. During intensive hydroponics settings, use 2 tablespoon (one ounce) per three gallons of water during the vegetative stage then another application at the same rate, with the nutrient regimen in place, as flowering/fruiting begins.

For use on a continuous basis, a lower dose of one ounce per five gallons may be used. There is latitude either way and can be adjusted to suit your particular growing operation and soils. Sandy well drained soils can sustain bi-weekly applications at full strength.

Orchard and vineyards will experience greater productivity for several years after beginning the annual application of this monatomic regimen. Application on younger trees is preferable so that the structure of the tree is simultaneously developed and is therefore is capable of supporting the added weight and mass of the fruit. For plants in grown in soil, greatest results are often seen as the soil micro-flora reaches their greatest potential during the second year.

English/Metric Conversion: 1 tablespoon = 15mL 1 ounce = 30mL 1 gallon = 3.8 Liters

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